Trees AI

An open source platform, enabling city actors to collectively value and invest in urban nature, at scale.

Our mission

We are in urgent need of a shift to respond to the climate crisis. Trees As Infrastructure is developing a transparent, verifiable financial platform to grow Nature-based Solutions, for resilient cities.

Through novel accounting and contracting models we value trees as assets, reorienting administrative procedures and attention toward the diverse environmental benefits and behaviours of urban forests.


Report 1 ︎
Why municipalities are struggling to reach tree-planting targets

Report 2 ︎
A proposition for supporting cities to transition towards resilient urban forest infrastructures


We’re a group of urban planners, architects, technologists, economists, ecologists and finance experts from strategic design studio Dark Matter Labs in partnership with Lucidminds.


We’re working with a number of cities across Europe to implement Trees AI. Do you represent a municipality?
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A project by Dark Matter Labs,  
In partnership with Lucidminds.
Supported by EIT Climate-KIC.

Video by Phil Wilkes and Mat Disney, UCL Geography and NERC National Centre for Earth Observation.


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